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The Phoenix Suns had to deal with missing Chris Paul during the postseason, but they found ways to play without him. He is one of the best players in the NBA, and he is a huge part of their success. Despite missing the first two games of the Western Conference Finals, Paul is now back with the team. After being placed in the NBA’s COVID health protocol, he was cleared to play Thursday Hibooz.

There is still uncertainty surrounding how Paul was exposed to the virus. There are several possibilities, including coming into contact with a Covid-positive person or testing positive for the virus himself. Regardless of fashionnowdays the case, Paul will be required to stay away from other Suns until he is consecutively negative for Covid. If Paul is able to get the vaccine, however, that period of time may be shortened.

The NBA has not announced a timetable for Paul’s return. The Western Conference finals start June 20. Unless he returns sooner, he is unlikely to play in that series. In the meantime, his absence is likely to be a huge blow for the Suns.

Chris Paul has had a rough relationship with the NBA playoffs. In 2016, he suffered a fractured hand against the Los Angeles Clippers, and in 2015, he pulled his hamstring against the Houston Rockets. He also suffered a fractured hand against the Los Angeles Clippers in the first round.


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